Hytest Ltd. Signs Exclusive Development Agreement with Affinity Life Sciences

Hytest Ltd. Signs Exclusive Development Agreement with Affinity Life Sciences

HyTest Ltd., a continually expanding Finnish biotechnology company known for high quality products for assay development and research applications, signed an exclusive agreement with Affinity Life Sciences to develop and manufacture research assays for their proprietary SES-BNP technology for detection of proBNP / BNP. Brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) is a biomarker that is widely used for heart failure assessment.

Recent studies have suggested that immunoassays utilizing an antibody specific to the terminal epitope could underestimate the BNP content in the blood sample due to the instability of BNP in circulation. By contrast, the HyTest SES-BNP immunoassay employs a capture antibody which is specific to the relatively stable ring part of the BNP molecule. The detection antibody is specific only to the complex of the capture antibody with the BNP or proBNP. Therefore, only a single epitope of the BNP molecule is required for detection of both BNP and proBNP.

Tod Gavron, President of Affinity is excited about the agreement, “It is an honor to partner with such a highly respected, worldwide organization like HyTest.” Gavron continued, “Developing such a unique assay for the BNP molecule will provide a very valuable tool for researchers.”

“Affinity Life Sciences has extensive experience in immunoassay development and production.” said Maria Severina, Managing Director of HyTest. “They have developed and manufactured numerous immunoassays utilized all over the world today and the organizations share a focus on high quality products build on a strong scientific basis.”

About HyTest, Ltd.:
Established in 1994, HyTest Ltd is a Finnish biotechnology company and a recognized producer of high-quality monoclonal antibodies and antigens for the diagnostic industry all around the world. HyTest has become the global market leader in supplying certain reagents by building on a strong scientific basis. Learn more about HyTest Ltd at HyTest.fi.

About Affinity Life Sciences:
Affinity Life Sciences, located in Amherst, NH is a cGMP and ISO 13485 compliant company dedicated to the specific needs of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical markets. Our 16,000 sqft facility can provide custom services includingin vitro diagnostic kit production, lyophilization, cell culture production, and bioanalytical testing. Learn more about Affinity Life Sciences at AffinityLifeSciences.com.

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